I am an Artist

The gallery below displays pieces completed as gifts or commissions and show a small sample of what I love to do.

  • A couple on a dinner date
  • Two best friends taking a selfie
  • A pen and ink of a pug relaxing on a wicker chair
  • Picture of a pug done on a scratch board.
  • A small girl hugging her two dogs

Welcome to my gallery. “ I draw. What’s your superpower?” These words are painted on my morning coffee mug and they suit me well. My day job is drawing labs at a hospital. I love doing both “drawing” jobs. I am an artist at heart and have been a creative person my entire life. My serious art journey started in 2013 with my dream to have an online art gallery. I have since won several awards that included two honorable mentions, an artist’s choice award and the Grace Klings-Carlin Award for drawing for my piece “The Shack”. In my online art gallery below you will find paintings done in a variety of different mediums as well as apparel and gifts adorned with my artwork. If you see something you like and live in Bucks County, PA or surrounding area please contact me via email. I hope you enjoy.

Kelly Sterr